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Basic Safety Course - Pistol 1 & Rifle 1

No prerequisites.

  • 4 hr
  • 195 US dollars

About This Course

Weapons Training Basic Safety Course Pistol 1 & Rifle 1 Who should take this course: Individuals thinking about owning a handgun or rifle or both will discover this course invaluable in aiding you to the road of ownership and safe operational use of a firearm. Current handgun/rifle owners who have never taken a formal class or feel the requirement for a refresher in safe firearm operations, and handling skills, will equally discover this course valuable. Course Description This 4-hour course delivers the knowledge and skills to own, operate, and store your firearm safely. Given the peace of mind to enjoy your firearm safely, with a firm understanding based on a foundation of safety and marksmanship skills. Black Arrow Defense Academy believes that this brief exposure to shooting a firearm is insufficient to build the required safety, operational, and marksmanship foundation needed to have confidence in firearms ownership. We will work with you to ensure that you have a firm understanding of the fundamentals of firearm ownership in marksmanship and demonstrate safe firearm operations and handling skills. Course Outline Part I: Classroom Safety Introduction to firearms Fundamentals of Marksmanship/Fires Situation Awareness Georgia Weapons Licenses and use of force Q&A Part II: Live fire exercises Advanced Training Opportunity Cost: $195 per student 4 hours classroom and Live Range All material needed to complete the class (Exception: Firearms and Ammo) Certificates are awarded for successfully completion. Class Required Valid government-issued I.D. Eye and ear protection (Provided) Your firearm (rentals available) Ammo 50 rds Handgun and 100 rds Rifle (Purchased at B.A.D) Snacks/food if on special diet (Lunch provided) A good mental attitude Wear comfortable clothing: Low cut shirts are not advisable Wear shoes instead of sandals Wear long pants instead of shorts Why this course is different • Provides the opportunity for learning above and beyond the N.R.A. or other similar curriculum. • Operator-Instructor ratio is 1 O.I. to 5 students. • O.I.s have real-world experience in employing pistols and training others around the world. • Laser training aids • Shoot to basic proficiency rather than just the minimum familiarity • Gain a level of confidence that you can make a firearm purchase that is right for you. • Available to you in perpetuity for advice or information.

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