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Training Rules

Training Facility Rules

  1. Members and guests accompanied by members may use the rifle/pistol ranges 10:30 AM - 7:30 PM, year-round, for practice scheduled practices and trainings. Family members are not included in your FIRMBUSH TRAINING CENTER membership. Spouses must apply for a separate membership

  2. All members must wear their membership card so that it is visible at all times while at Firmbush Training Center.

  3. Shooters must supply their own targets. Targets are then either stapled or tacked to the backer, which is provided on the rifle range only. A basic shooting kit to have includes targets, backers, and a staple gun. Each member is required to properly dispose of their targets, etc., after they are finished shooting. There are trash cans provided for this purpose. The club has a small selection of targets available for sale at the check-in booth.

  4. There is a daily guest fee for use of the rifle and pistol ranges. For guests of members, the charge is $25.00 per day. This is to be paid no matter how many shots the guest fires.

  5. GUESTS are defined as anyone other than the member.

  6. All new members are now required to complete a safety/orientation briefing with the rangemaster of the club prior to being allowed to use any pistol or rifle ranges.

  7. In the event of termination of your membership for cause, there is no refund (prorated or otherwise) of your current year's dues.

  8. All shooting will be limited to firing at standard targets only. Shooting at deer, bats, birds, etc. is not permitted and will result in revocation of your membership.

  9. Children must be kept under full supervision at all times and are never permitted to play on any of the ranges, whether they are in use or not.

  10. No one will be permitted to shoot on any of the ranges after having used any alcoholic beverage and no alcoholic beverages are permitted on the firing line of any range. Failure to observe this rule will result in the revocation of your membership.

  11. Absolutely no hunting is permitted on the Gun Club property. Failure to observe this rule will result in the revocation of your membership.

  12. No fully automatic firearms are allowed on any of the ranges. This would include any modifications that simulate full or near full-auto fire!!

  13. All basic safety rules as set forth by the NRA, ATA, NSSA, USPSA, IDPA, SASS, and IHMSA rule books will be followed at all times on respective ranges.

  14. When not on the firing line preparing to fire, all guns will be unloaded, magazines removed, actions open, and benched or holstered on pistol or rifle ranges; actions open and muzzle downrange on shotgun ranges. Under no conditions or circumstances can there be ANYONE downrange while live fire is going on up range. This applies to persons at an angle to the line of fire also! When going downrange to perform any action, all weapons must be either holstered or laid on a shooting table, their actions open and unloaded and not be touched until everyone is back up range. Pistols are allowed to be carried loaded in holsters ONLY by members with a valid Georgia concealed carry permit. At absolutely no time, can a loaded pistol be removed from the holster unless you are on the firing line ready to shoot and the all-clear has been given! Failure to observe this rule will result in permanent expulsion from your membership at FIRMBUSH TRAINING CENTER!!!!


  16. All pets on the grounds must be on a leash and under full control of the owner.

  17. All guests accompanied by members entering the grounds must sign in at the check-in booth. Please have your guests read & sign a liability waiver, if they have not already done so. If they use our ranges, they are agreeing to all terms and conditions outlined there! If they do not accept these terms and conditions, they should not use our ranges! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GUESTS AND THEIR ACTIONS!!

  18. Eye and Ear Protection is MANDATORY on all FIRMBUSH TRAINING CENTER ranges.

  19. Every member has the obligation to stop anyone who is misusing the ranges, destroying property, or violating safety rules and to report the incident to the gun club manager and/or range master.

  20. FIRMBUSH TRAINING CENTER maintains the right to alter or change these rules at any time and in a manner that we see fit to protect the best interests of the club.  These would include the closure of any range that might threaten the viability/safety of the Gun Club or its members.

  21. All members and guests are subject to expulsion and/or criminal prosecution for violation of club rules or for vandalism of the property.

  22. Any member or guest who, in the view of the Manager/Owners, is either disruptive, demeaning to any employee of FIRMBUSH TRAINING CENTER or any shooter either through words or deeds, refuses to follow the Rules & Regulations of FIRMBUSH TRAINING CENTER as explained to them by the Manager or his Designate or publicly demeans FIRMBUSH TRAINING CENTER Club in general or any of its employees while on club grounds will be given one (1) warning to cease/desist such actions. Any further violation will result in permanent expulsion from the Gun Club and the loss of privileges to shoot at FIRMBUSH TRAINING CENTER under any conditions!


Please download the extended list of range rules below. You are responsible for every rule and ordinance while on FIRMBUSH TRAINING CENTER grounds. 

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